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Custom Printed Plastic Bag & 3 Amazing Benefits

Here at Vinbags, we prefer to work with all businesses to produce custom printed plastic bags to meet all your needs. Give us a call or visit us online to learn more today! Custom Printed Plastic Bag helps to boost your Brand Awareness Investing in custom packaging bags for your business is one of the […]

4 Amazing Benefits of using Plastic Shopping Bags

We offer a wide selection of plastic shopping bags (also called retail merchandise bags ). All bags can be customized according to your requirements. 1.Plastic Shopping Bags are always the first choice by shop owners because they are cheap The main advantages of plastic shopping bags are that they are cost effective. Plastic bags are […]

Plastic bag manufacturer in Vietnam – The best choice for you

Vinbags is one of the best prestigious Plastic bag manufacturer in Vietnam.Thanks to over 15 years of experience, we are able to offer a reliable honest service, that ensures we can meet and exceed the needs of all our customers.  Products from reliable Plastic bag manufacturer in Vietnam At Vinbags, we offer a wide range of high […]

Die Cut Plastic Bags – 4 Features & Usages

Die Cut Plastic Bags are an economical option for trade shows and retail businesses such as gift and clothing stores. The reinforced die-cut handle makes it comfortable to carry heavier items without worrying about the handles breaking. With 8 colours to choose from you can easily coordinate with any colour scheme. Die Cut Plastic Bags […]

Garment Bags & 03 Amazing Things About It

What is main purpose of Garment Bags? Garment bags also known as dry cleaner bags are plastic bags used to keep your ironed clothes safe and wrinkle-free. These bags can be hung on a hanger in your wardrobe. They are commonly used for safeguarding expensive clothes such as suits, party wear, and so on. These […]


Plastic Bags on Roll, also known as Poly Bags on Rolls, Plastic Roll Bags, Produce Plastic Bag on Rolls, etc. What is plastic bags on roll? Plastic bags on roll is one of popular bags for food, fruit and bakery storage. Nowadays, there are many types of materials used to produce Plastic bags on roll. […]

Soft Loop Bags – Features & Applications

What are soft loop bags? Soft loop bags (or called Flexi loop handle bags) is one of the most popular packaging products for carrying gifts, jewelry, cosmetics, shoes, men- women and children’s apparel in the world. In conclusion, Soft loop bags are found in many retail stores and are used for a wide range of different […]

Die Cut Bags Features & Advantages

1. What are Die Cut Bags ? Die cut bags handles look like an oval, kidney or circle therefore they are also called kidney bags, punch out handle bags. It differs from the patch handle bags in lacking of reinforce part around the cutting handles. Die-cut bags are an economical option for trade shows and […]

Challenges Facing Plastic Bag Manufacturer in Viet Nam, Affected by Plastic Bag Bans

In recent years, many plastic bag manufacturers in Viet Nam – that supply products domestically and internationally as well – are finding themselves with the challenge of not only keeping up with numerous local and statewide bag regulations, but also finding ways to offer sustainable products in order to maintain compliance. There are a number […]