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The best Trash Bag Manufacturer in Vietnam

Are you in need of high-quality Trash bags for your residential, commercial, or industrial needs? Look no further. Vinbags is a leading manufacturer and exporter of eco-friendly, durable, and strong plastic garbage bags, trash bags, or bin liners. As a global provider, we export our products to over 80 countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, […]

5 Amazing Benefits of Drawstring Trash Bags

Vinbags is professional Drawstring Trash Bag manufacturer and supplier in Vietnam. Our trash bags have low prices but strong enough to handle your biggest jobs. 5 Amazing Benefits of Drawstring Trash Bags Drawstring Trash Bags are very durable and they can hold a good amount of garbage. Our drawstring Trash Bags are made from high-quality […]

3 Amazing Benefits of using Drawstring Trash Bags made by Vinbags

Vinbags has been exporting hundreds tonnes of Drawstring Trash Bags because of its high quallity and reasonable price. Drawstring Trash Bags are perfect for all residential household garbage and commercial waste This type of Trash bag liner is durable, very convenient and designed to hold the toughest garbage with absolutely no tears or leaks, easy […]

PCR Bin Liners & 4 Outstanding Benefits

Using Recycled plastic bin liners  is a good way to reduce your facility’s carbon footprint. These type of plastic bags are ideal for usage in office building, warehouse, or any other type of business. 1. Countless Environmental Benefits of Bin Liners Made from Recycled Plastics One of the most lucrative benefits of switching to bin […]

Distinguish The Sustainability of Different Bin Liners

Traditional plastic bin liners: The traditional plastic bin liner is commonly used. This kind of bin liners is both durable and cost effective. But they are alleged to be an environment disaster. Because plastic bin liners are made from petroleum or natural gas, both are non-renewable resources, and they can take from fifteen to a […]