Challenges Facing Plastic Bag Manufacturer in Viet Nam, Affected by Plastic Bag Bans

In recent years, many plastic bag manufacturers in Viet Nam – that supply products domestically and internationally as well – are finding themselves with the challenge of not only keeping up with numerous local and statewide bag regulations, but also finding ways to offer sustainable products in order to maintain compliance. There are a number of hurdles businesses need to overcome when turning to plastic bag alternatives.

Below are the most significant ones:

Plastic bag manufacturers in Viet Nam have to think about:  Costs of Bag Materials

Some regulations specify that plastic bags may be allowed, but only if they are thicker than a certain requirement. Others state that no plastic bags are allowed at all, but paper or non-woven bags may be offered to customers as an alternative. So, it costs more for plastic bag manufacturer to purchase environmentally friendly materials in order to offer more sustainable items.

Plastic bag manufacturers in Viet Nam have to dealing with durability

Many consumers prefer plastic bags because of their durability and reusability. While paper bags are easier for recycling, but their material are more prone to ripping and are far less likely to be reused by the consumer. So, plastic bag manufacturers have to have capability to offer customers more reliable, strong and durable products, which manufactured specifically to carry not only heavy items, but also wet items, without tearing. And it is necessary for those products to have no negative impact on the environment. For example, recycled and reusable shopping bag.

Plastic bag manufacturers in Viet Nam have to contemplate about Expiration Dates on Biodegradable Bags

The high cost of biodegradable bags and the difficulty of handling them for recycling facilities are some of the reasons why these bags haven’t caught on yet. If an item is biodegradable that means it is capable of decomposing with or without oxygen over time. That also means that businesses with a surplus of biodegradable bags may soon find them decomposing in the supply room, which translates to wasted product. To prevent breakdown either due to surplus or even during transit, many businesses look to domestic sourcing options and order smaller quantities, both of which tend to be costlier.

Plastic bag manufacturers in Viet Nam need to step up and take responsibility for more sustainable packaging solutions

Creating a more sustainable product is not without hurdles, but for businesses that are affected by bag regulations, compliance is the only option.

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