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Vinbags Joint Stock Company was established in 2005, with over 15 years experience in packaging industry, Vinbags devoted to researching, manufacturing and export of quality, innovative plastic packaging and Eco-friendly packaging solution.

After 15 year of development, Vinbags has built a mordern factory system with 3 factories manufacturing 3 key product ranges:

  • Plastic and Compostable packaging products
  • PP Woven & Non-woven packaging products
  • Paper products

For now, with well combination of comprehensive facilities, advanced production technologies and more than 1000 skilled workers, Vinbags’s total production capacity of over 3000 tons per month.

Factory No.1:

Manufacturing Plastic bags and Compostable bags with different style.

Capacity: 1500 tons/month.

Workers: 500

Factory No. 2:

Manufacturing paper bags and other product from paper material.

Capacity:  750 tons/month

Workers: 300

Factory No. 3:

Manufacturing PP woven bags and Non woven bags.

Capacity: 750 tons/month

Workers: 300

Vinbags’s product have been exported to all over the world market such as: Europe, US, UK, Australia ,Canada and most of America, Asia, Middle East countries.

Nowadays, with the development of a variety of network information resources, each industry is facing more and more opportunities and challenges. With an eye on the future, Vinbags will continue to be committed to our core value throughout our company’s growth, that are CONSISTENT QUALITY – EXCELLENT SERVICE – FAST DELIVERY. And we will try harder to make Vinbags brand earn better reputation and more trust from our customers.

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