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Double Twin Track Polyethylene Bags

What are Double Twin Track Polyethylene Bags? Double Twin Track Polyethylene Bags are ziplock bags, but they have a special feature: Double zipper-style closure for an extra-secure seal. The zip closure’s two tracks lock together to provide an even stronger seal than our regular zip top bags. The zippered closure extends the full width of […]

Mini Ziplock Bags For Storing Your Jewelry: 4 Great Benefits You May Not Notice

mini ziplock bags

Mini ziplock bags are an excellent choice for storing your jewelry. Here are some of the benefits of using these bags: Benefits of storing your jewelry with mini ziplock bags Protection: Mini ziplock bags are designed to keep your jewelry safe from dust, dirt, moisture, and other contaminants that can damage it. The bags are […]

Resealable Freezer Ziplock Bags

What are Resealable Freezer Ziplock Bags? Resealable Freezer Ziplock Bags are made from durable plastic, that used for freezing fruits, meats, fish, poultry, veggies, cheeses, baked treats and leftovers, etc. They have strength, durability, reliability and the ability to create an airtight seal. So, Freezer Ziplock Bags always do a good job of protecting food […]

Ziplock bags – Advantages and Applications

The features of Ziplock bags Ziplock bag is one of the most reliable types of plastic bags. Having over secure locking that can provide a good way to ensure that the product inside is clean and free from damage. Many different businesses use ziplock bags in varied ways. Because of their features, ziplock bags can […]