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4 Amazing Benefits of Vacuum Seal Bag

Vinbags provides vacuum seal bags, that meet FDA requirements for food contact and help increase the shelf life of foods because of the features they offer. 4 Amazing Benefits of Using Vacuum Seal Bag Made by Vinbags Product Freshness: The vacuum seal and plastic material protect the enclosed goods from moisture and oxygen, which extends […]

Why Freezer Bags are Essential for Food Storage: 4 Amazing Benefits and Tips

food storage bags

When it comes to food storage, using the right type of bag can make a big difference in preserving freshness and preventing contamination. Freezer bags, in particular, are a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their food safe and fresh for longer. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of freezer bags and provide […]

Perfect Flat Metallic Foil Ziplock Bags for Nuts

Vinbags JSC is a trusted supplier of Metallic Foil Ziplock Bags, that are ideal for storing and protecting various types of food. Description of Clear Window Flat Metallic Foil Ziplock Bags Material: Back Aluminum Foil and Front Plastic Thickness: Customized thickness Outside Size: 7.5x10cm (3×3.9 inch); Usable Size: 6.5x7cm (2.6×2.8 inch). The size can be […]

Plastic Produce Bags Roll with 3 amazing benefits

All our Food Grade Plastic Produce Bags Roll & other packaging products can be customized according to your requirements to meet customer needs. Advantages of Plastic Produce Bags Roll made by Vinbags JSC PREMIUM MATERIAL:  Our plastic produce bags roll are made of high quality PE material, durable, strong bearing capacity, not easy to tear […]

8 Types of Food Packaging Bags Made By Vinbags

Vinbags offers a variety of food packaging bags that used in supermarkets, food stores, take-away restaurants, confectionery & bakery, frozen food, etc. All our products can be customized to meet the customers requirements. So, you’ll be able to choose the right food storage bag for your needs! 1. What is food packaging bag? Food Packaging […]

6 commonly used Food Grade Plastic Bags (PII)

Vinbags offers one of the largest selections of Food Grade Plastic Bags you’ll find anywhere. We manufacture high-quality poly food bags in different sizes, styles, and thicknesses for the food processing and packaging markets. Food Grade Plastic Bags No.4: Clear Poly Zip Top Bags Bags meet FDA/USDA standards for food contact Made with 100% virgin […]

6 commonly used Food Grade Poly Bags (PI)

Vinbags offers all types of Food Grade Poly Bags for use in self-serve produce applications at supermarkets, grocery stores, fruit/vegetable stands or home. These high quality, cheap-price poly bags provide outstanding strength and are light weight, making them an excellent choice for a utility storage bag or produce bag. Food Grade Poly Bags No.1: Flat […]

Freezer Bags with 3 impressive benefits

food-safe freezer bags – ideal for packing picnics and snacks as well as freezing small portions of home-grown produce. They’re also perfect for pre-prepared portions of fruit and veg to add to nutritious smoothies whenever you fancy them. Features of our Freezer Bags Extra strong, Durable plastic storage bags Safe for food contact, ideal for […]


Plastic Grocery Bags are one of the most popular forms of packaging for shopping. They are an important part in daily uses like for food packaging, storage and transporting goods and for waste disposal among many other uses. Polythene bags are defined as a container made of a thin, flexible plastic film which is open […]

Wicketed Bread Bags for efficient bakery packaging

What is Wicketed Bread Bag? Wicketed bread bags (a popular type of plastic bags used for food packaging) are great for Bakeries producing large volumes or bread loaves and other baked goods. Wicketed bread bags stay in place until taken off the wicket. … All wicketed bread bags are easy to use and made from […]