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4 Amazing Benefits of Vacuum Seal Bag

Vinbags provides vacuum seal bags, that meet FDA requirements for food contact and help increase the shelf life of foods because of the features they offer. 4 Amazing Benefits of Using Vacuum Seal Bag Made by Vinbags Product Freshness: The vacuum seal and plastic material protect the enclosed goods from moisture and oxygen, which extends […]

Reliable Wicketed Bags Manufacturer in Vietnam

If you’re looking for the most convenient & cost-effective packaging solution for your products, consider  wicketed bags. Our wicketed bags are found in many applications, packaging food to auto parts. Benefits of using wicketed bags for your products Our wicketed bags are made from food-grade materials, and packed together with a U-shape wire, that holds […]

Aluminum Foil Stand Up Pouch & 4 Unbelievable Advantages

Our Foil stand up pouches are crafted with high quality aluminum foil. The flexible packaging will keep your products safe from moisture damage and spoilage. 4 Advantages of using Aluminum Foil Stand Up Pouches for Food safety and storage Made with FDA approved materials for use with food. The pouches are perfect for most food […]

Perfect Flat Metallic Foil Ziplock Bags for Nuts

Vinbags JSC is a trusted supplier of Metallic Foil Ziplock Bags, that are ideal for storing and protecting various types of food. Description of Clear Window Flat Metallic Foil Ziplock Bags Material: Back Aluminum Foil and Front Plastic Thickness: Customized thickness Outside Size: 7.5x10cm (3×3.9 inch); Usable Size: 6.5x7cm (2.6×2.8 inch). The size can be […]

3 Common Types of Plastic Take Out Food Bags

Vinbags offers the largest variety of take out food bags to fit multiple types business’ needs. Our bags can be customized to hold any types of food, from small candy bags to large catering tray bags. Vinbags offers a variety of Take Out Food Bags Custom printed plastic take out food bags are an ideal […]

8 Types of Food Packaging Bags Made By Vinbags

Vinbags offers a variety of food packaging bags that used in supermarkets, food stores, take-away restaurants, confectionery & bakery, frozen food, etc. All our products can be customized to meet the customers requirements. So, you’ll be able to choose the right food storage bag for your needs! 1. What is food packaging bag? Food Packaging […]