8 Types of Food Packaging Bags Made By Vinbags

Vinbags offers a variety of food packaging bags that used in supermarkets, food stores, take-away restaurants, confectionery & bakery, frozen food, etc. All our products can be customized to meet the customers requirements. So, you’ll be able to choose the right food storage bag for your needs!

1. What is food packaging bag?

Food Packaging Bags are special product used to contain and pack food products, in order to protect the usable value of food, to facilitate the transportation, handling and go hand in hand with the process of preservation and better food consumption.
In addition, food packaging in particular and other types of packaging in general are also a bridge between the sellers and consumers. Packaging is a representative of a brand, a tool to represent images, as well as information of goods that will affect consumers decision and convince them to buy.

2. Types of food packaging products made by Vinbags JSC

Type of Food Packaging Bag 1: Produce Bags on Roll

The plastic produce bags are all made of high quality material which is no odor and 100% food-grade safe.

Plastic produce bags roll with an easy-peel perforation line, which fits most produce roll dispenser stands.

The plastic bag is perfects for all your food storage such as fruits, bread, vegetables, meat, dried items and more. Also great for baby diaper waste, kitchen office, bedroom, bathroom, living room.

Food Packaging Bag
Our food storage bags are easy to use and come in many sizes. Easy to store in your drawer and are easy to rip apart.

Type of Food Packaging Bag 2: Fresh Produce Bags for Fridge Storage

Our Fresh Produce Storage Bags are manufactured using food-grade BPA-FREE films, that can be used to keep fresh fruit, vegetables longer than nonpacked refrigerated produce and longer than many other packaging solutions!
Food Packaging Bag
These fresh produce bags are perfect choice to help in preserving your produce.
Food Packaging Bag
These fruit & veggie saver bags reduce natural decay of fresh produce. They can be reused over and over as long as the bag is still clean and intact.
Food Packaging Bag
Fresh produce saving bags slow aging and ripening processes based on the principles of equilibrium modified atmosphere. The packaging also creates the ideal water balance conditions by removing excess water that can accelerate spoilage, while helping retain the natural moisture that keeps produce fresh.

Type of Food Packaging Bag 3: Ziploc Storage Bags

Featuring a strong resealable seal, these durable ziplock bags block out unwanted air and lock in the flavor of your fresh ingredients.

Plus, they prevent accidental spills and leaks.

Food Packaging Bag

Food Packaging Bag
With a high clarity design, these plastic zipper bags allow you to easily identify your wet or dry ingredients to efficiently organize your kitchen pantry or refrigerator.


Type of Food Packaging Bag 4: Wicketed Poly Bags

These bags are made of 100% virgin Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) resin that meets FDA/USDA specifications.

All bags are packaged on U-shaped wire for fast and easy manual loading.

Food Packaging Bag Food Packaging Bag

Type of Food Packaging Bag 5: Deli Saddle Bags

Disposable saddle pack bags are clear plastic and ideal for pre-portioning, packing, and storing a variety of foods. Constructed with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), our bags are strong, high-quality, durable, long-lasting, and dependable.

Great for use in school cafeterias, healthcare foodservice, bar, delis, restaurants, sandwich shops, and other food service applications, they are also excellent for at home use for packing school lunches, and even for arts and crafts supplies storage purposes.

We have 2 types: Flip-top or Zip-top saddle bags.
Food Packaging Bag
Leak and grease resistant, they can be microwaved up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which allows you to prepare food without using additional containers, dishes, or resources.

Type of Food Packaging Bag 6: Confectionery & Bakery Bags 

These bags are made of new, food-safe OPP materials that are odorless, and won’t leave any toxic taste or odor.
Resealable design keeps your snacks and goodies fresh and crispy.
The bags can comes with variety of twist ties in exciting metallic colors that match any event – from serious adult events to kids parties alike.

Food Packaging Bag

Type of Food Packaging Bag 7: Fruit Packaging Bags with Ziplock & Air Holes

Fruit Bag is a breathable packaging bag, mainly used for packaging fruits and vegetables, it can extend the freshness time at least two weeks.

This package also has an anti-fog function, and the ability to stand up on a shelf for maximum sales impact through its packaging pouch design.

A hang hole and resealable ziplock closure for more convenient storing, displaying, and delivering your fruits.

Food Packaging Bag
Put this on a display at a grocery store or supermarket and watch how fast customers are drawn towards the visually appealing, organized display of grapes or other produce.

Type of Food Packaging Bag 8: Stand up Pouches for Coffee / Tea / Food

Stand-up pouches are ideal for products such as coffee, snacks, confectionery and pet food.

This type of packaging has emerged as an appealing way of presenting one’s product, and at Vinbags we have a wide selection in stock and can also custom design a variant for your specific wishes.

Food Packaging Bag
The pouches can be produced in many sizes, and with prints in up to 10 colors. In addition, we offer several different reseal functions; e.g. zipper, front zipper and slider function. The pouches are designed according to the customer’s wishes.

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