Wicketed Bread Bags for efficient bakery packaging

What is Wicketed Bread Bag?

Wicketed bread bags (a popular type of plastic bags used for food packaging) are great for Bakeries producing large volumes or bread loaves and other baked goods. Wicketed bread bags stay in place until taken off the wicket. … All wicketed bread bags are easy to use and made from FDA-approved food contact substances, which usually used in food packaging manufacturing.
Wicketed bread bags
Wicketed bread bags make it easy to mount and peel bags for quick loading. The wicketed presentation makes it easy to keep the bags together until needed, then allow for simple, fast dispensing.

What are advantages of using wicketed bread bags?

1. Wicketed bread bags INCLUDE WICKET DISPENSER: are great for Bakeries producing large volumes or bread loaves and other baked goods. Wicketed bags stay in place until taken off the wicket. Most of the Wicketed bags are used in production areas where reduced handling time and increased efficiency are desired.
2. Wicketed bread bags  KEEP BREAD FRESHER FOR LONGER:  These plastic bread bags allow just the right amount of air to flow through so your baked goods stay fresh and flavorful.
3. Wicketed bread bags are CONVENIENTLY FREEZER-SAFE: Made from freezer-safe plastic, these wicketed bags are great for storing bagels, banana bread, hamburger buns, and other types of bread in your fridge or freezer.
4. Wicketed bread bags BEAUTIFULLY SHOWCASE BAKED GOODS: Show off your baked goods! With a crystal clear finish, these clear bread bags effortlessly display the freshness and colors of your fresh bread.
Wicketed bread bags
Package, store, and keep your baked bread and baguettes fresh with these convenient clear plastic bags. Made from food-safe durable plastics, this bread bag is designed smartly to allow air circulation to keep your baked bread and baguettes fresher longer. Ideal for storing loaves of freshly baked breads, muffins, cookies, pastries, and other baked goods, each plastic bag comes with a wicket dispenser for easy handling and storing.

How to reuse wicketed bread bags?

Wicketed bread bags can be reused in many ways in your own home. Some families have utilized the same bread bags for many years, washing them out and storing them for later use. From packing sandwiches, to transforming them into icing piping bags, the sky is the limit. Here are some more ideas for how to reuse your plastic bread bag:
  • Pack lunches and snacks
  • Reuse for picnics and road trips
  • Use as a glove for greasing pans
  • Store fruit and vegetables from the garden
  • Irrigate plants slowly by filling the bag with water and poking holes in it
  • Collect food scraps for the compost bin
  • Pack shoes or toiletries for traveling
  • Use as a mini liner
  • Turn it into an ice bag for bumps and bruises
  • Marinade or season food
  • Store in the car as a car-sickness bag or a dirty diaper bag
  • Pick up pet droppings
  • Use as a freezer bag

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