Aluminum Foil Stand Up Pouch & 4 Unbelievable Advantages

Our Foil stand up pouches are crafted with high quality aluminum foil. The flexible packaging will keep your products safe from moisture damage and spoilage.

4 Advantages of using Aluminum Foil Stand Up Pouches for Food safety and storage

  1. Made with FDA approved materials for use with food. The pouches are perfect for most food products such as confectionery, cereals, tea, coffee, pet food, dried fruits etc.
  2. Our pouches front is transparent, so give better visibility of their contents from outside.
  3. Bottom gusseted base allows them to stand up independently on the shelf.
  4. Crafted with U-notch for easy to tear, and Durable zipper could be used repeatedly without being damaged. Aluminum Foil Stand Up Pouches

The stand-up design are suitable for you to display your products at store or home.Aluminum Foil Stand Up Pouches

Aluminum Foil Stand Up Pouches

Aluminum Foil Stand Up Pouches

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