Ziplock bags – Advantages and Applications

The features of Ziplock bags

Ziplock bag is one of the most reliable types of plastic bags. Having over secure locking that can provide a good way to ensure that the product inside is clean and free from damage. Many different businesses use ziplock bags in varied ways. Because of their features, ziplock bags can be used in different business whether industrial, residential or commercial. Below are details:

  • Material: HDPE /LDPE/PP, Virgin material, food contact.
  • Thickness: 6 -40 mic
  • Size: can be customized
  • Color: Natural or customer’s requirement
  • Print: 1-8 colors, customized logo printing
  • Ziplock bags are easy opening, Puncture resistance, strong sealing…. Zipper or lip can be sealed, opened and resealed without limits.
  • Ziplock bags are required to meet FDA and USDA specifications for food packaging.
  • This can prevent contaminants such as moisture, dust, and dirt. 
  • Ziplock bags can protect microchips or other sensitive materials, preserving documents and maintaining the freshness of the product.
  • Almost everything can be placed in one of these bags for packaging and protection.
  • For organizations, repackaging, or the protection of business owners rely on this versatile and affordable solution.
Ziplock bags are versatile, puncture-resistant, easy opening, strong sealing
Ziplock bags are versatile, water-proof, puncture-resistant, easy opening, strong sealing and safe for food contact. This kind of packaging is used in various of businesses and household as well.

The application of Ziplock bags

Ziplock bags are used in Food storage

Ziplock bags are a popular choice for food storage. Their wide range of sizes means they are suitable for a host of food products. Our range are also food certified, making them the perfect solution for the storage of a wide range of foodstuffs. They are a great option for the catering and hospitality industry, as well as for food and confectionary-based gifts.

Ziplock bags are used in Craft supplies

Do you find yourself constantly searching through craft boxes unable to locate what you need? Wave goodbye to rummaging with help from Transpack. Store your craft supplies with our Ziplock bags and keep all small items together in one safe place. So, whether you have loose buttons, beads, pom poms or craft sticks, keep organised with our seal again bags. We even have write-on panel versions available, so you can label your items easily and locate them quickly.

Ziplock bags with write-on panels give you the convenience in keeping and categorizing small items or personal things
Ziplock bags with write-on panels give you the convenience in keeping and categorizing small items or personal things, etc.

Ziplock bags are used in jewellery storage and distribution

Whether you are displaying and selling items of jewellery or are looking for somewhere to securely store your precious items, our ziplock bags offer the perfect solution. From small pairs of earrings, brooches, and bracelets, to larger necklaces and accessories, our range of sizes will offer the ideal home for your precious jewellery items.

Ziplock bags are used in Travelling

Nothing is more frustrating than a suitcase leakage on your way to a holiday or business trip. Make unpleasant travel mishaps a thing of the past by using our ziplock bags to protect your suitcase from spills. Fold away and store your delicates and smarter clothing, and your bulkier liquids likely to leak, which could cause problems in transit.

What are advantages of Ziplock bags?

1. Ziplock bags gives your products added protection.

Ziplock bags provides effective protection for your products. Most importantly, the added protection can extend the life of the product by protecting it from dust, dirt, wear and tear. It also gives the consumer peace of mind as zippers let people know that the product is securely locked in.

2. Ziplock bags have reuse capability, that makes it perfect for routine use.

The ziplock bags, also called resealable bags are not easily damaged during use because they are made of high-quality material. Therefore, they can be reused. This saves you the cost of new packaging bags every time you need to store or ferry your items.

3. Ziplock bags are made of versatile material

Choosing the wrong material will leave you disappointed and might cause your products to be damaged. So, its very important for you to choose the right packaging solution for your products. Especially, ziplock bags can handle sharp corners without a puncture or tear.

4. Ziplock bags can keep water & air outside, provide perfect protection for special products

The ziplock bags are perfect for waterproofing the items you need to ferry or preserve. The zip is meant to keep water or air outside or inside. This means that you can transport metallic accessories over a distance and among other wet accessories without worrying about rust. This is also a perfect choice when transporting two liquids or semi-liquids that can mix.
The watertight reclosable plastic bag will ensure that the two are not contaminated through mixing.

5. Item enclosed in Ziplock bags are fully secure

The ziplock bag ensures that the items enclosed are fully secure. You can eliminate all the air in order to provide the environment you need inside the bag. This gives you peace of mind that the envisaged condition will be maintained.
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