Poultry Bags – LDPE, HDPE Square Bottom Bags

What is poultry bag?

The poultry bag is used to store poultry products. The poultry bag provides effective packaging solution for the fresh or frozen chicken meat, bird, turkeys… The poultry bags are safe to use for food applications, provide strong sealing and prevent contamination. The poultry bags are available in the variety of different sizes according to the requirements of the food processors. Also, these bags are available in clear, translucent, and opaque films with different color printing on the front and back surface. 

Poultry bags
The demand for poultry bags is anticipated to increase over the time because of increased consumption of the poultry products globally.

The features of poultry bags

  • Type: Plastic Packing Transparent LDPE Square Bottom Bag
  • Material: LDPE/ HDPE
  • Size/thickness: customized to meet customer’s individual requirements
  • Color: Blue, White or Custom Color
  • Outstanding features: Moisture proof, shock resistance, antistatic, recyclable, disposable
poultry bag
The poultry bags are very helpful to all relevant people including poultry processing companies, food suppliers…, who are struggling to sell their food products at competitive prices in the market.

The benefits of using poultry bags for packaging 

  • The poultry bags provide the outstanding sealing for your products, that help to prevent contamination.
  • The poultry bags play a role as an outer layer, that gives excellent puncture resistance reducing leakers from system and handling damage.
  • Suitably used as inner bags for Food and Material.

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