Plant-Based Custom Poly Bags & 2 Amazing Benefits

Vinbags offer plant-based custom poly bags with reasonable prices. In this article, we’ll talk about this eco-friendly packaging solution and how it can benefit your business, your customers, and the planet.

What Are Plant-Based Custom Poly Bags?

Plant-based custom poly bags are made with a combination of regular poly bag materials (polyethylene or polypropylene resin) and plant-based polymers.
These plant-based polymers are abundant, renewable resources made from natural starch materials.
They serve as eco-friendly substitutes for traditionally-used man-made polymers, and they work just like any other additive — leading to a custom poly bag option that’s sustainably sourced, recyclable, and biodegradable.
Plant-Based Custom Poly Bags

What Are the Benefits of Plant-Based Custom Poly Bags?

While you may be hesitant to switch to something new, we can assure you that plant-based custom poly bags are a safe, rewarding investment.
They’re not only great for the environment, but they also have many of the same desirable features as traditionally manufactured poly bags. Some of their key benefits are listed below:

Recyclable and Biodegradable

Obviously, the best part of plant-based custom poly bags is that they’re a green alternative. In fact, they can reduce your reliance on fossil fuels by up to 20%.
That’s because, in closed loop systems where the material is known, plant-based custom poly bags are able to be recycled. And in the chance that they’re unfortunately leaked into the environment, the plant-based polymers can be quickly biodegraded by naturally-occurring microorganisms.

Expanded Customer Base

As society has prioritized sustainability, consumer purchasing attitudes and behaviors have changed. Customers have started to put more thought into their purchases, like choosing brands that do good for the community and brands with values that they align with.
Therefore, implementing a sustainable solution in your business can do wonders to attract new customers. No matter what you’re selling, they’ll appreciate your commitment to building a cleaner future, and they may become loyal fans because of it.
Plant-Based Custom Poly Bags

Applications of Plant-based custom poly bags

Plant-based custom poly bags are built with the same reliability, versatility, strength, and affordability as traditional poly bags.
This makes them a great packaging and storage solution for just about any application, from food to hardware to pharmaceuticals.
And with a variety of bag styles, colors, and branding options, you’re sure to have a product that best suits the needs of your business.
Ready to bring your company into a more sustainable future? Contact us to discuss eco-friendly packaging options. We are proud to offer sustainable poly bags made from custom formulas with plant-based additives which can offer you the same durable poly bags you trust, with up to 20% fewer fossil fuels.

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