Compostable Bags & 9 Amazing Features

Compostable bags – What we offer?

When it comes to eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags and ‘biodegradable’ plastic carriers (which we’ve recently learned don’t appear to decompose, even after being left in the ground or in marine environments for more than three years), there’s nothing more Earth-conscious than our compostable bags for produce. Strong yet supple, even when wet, with our eco-friendly sacks you can rest assured knowing that not only will your items be protected, you’ll also be helping to protect our planet and our country, because:
  • Our compostable bags are made GM-free potato starch and plasticiser-free biopolymers; both organic, renewable and vegan-friendly resources
  • Our environmentally responsible packing bags are 100 per cent compostable and are internationally certified; they’ll completely degrade in commercial composting plants – and at home in a compost heap – without leaving any toxic chemicals or other nasties behind and helping to create nutrient and water-rich humus that all plants need to grow healthy and strong
  • Expressly designed for environmentally-friendly packaging convenience and available at a nominal cost to you, our compostable clear produce bags are reliably strong and provide steadfast product protection.

compostable bags

Features of our compostable bags

  1. Our 100 per cent compostable, fully biodegradable packing bags make for the ideal eco-friendly alternative to plastic carriers and ‘biodegradable’ bags as they’re made from natural, renewable, plasticiser and GM-free resources as well as recycled materials
  2. Vegan-friendly; our compostable packing bags are free from animal products
  3. Low impact on our planet; our eco-friendly sacks can be effortlessly composted both at industrial composting plants and at home in compost heaps
  4. Thanks to being made from 20mu film and strengthened by natural, biologically-sourced polymers, our biodegradable produce bags are thick, reliably strong (even when wet) and dependably durable to provide outstanding product protection
  5. Compliant with strict EU composting standards, our compostable clear produce bags are certified and are approved by OK Compost
  6. Our compostable produce bags can be heat sealed with a standard heat sealer
  7. Convenient, versatile and reusable, once you no longer need our eco sacks, you can either use them in your food waste recycle bin (like a caddy liner), dispose of them in your food waste bin or you can place them in a compost pile
  8. Economically worthwhile
  9. Please note that all our outer packaging can be reused, repurposed, composted or recycled

compostable bags

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