How to Differentiate Woven PP Bags & Non-Woven PP Bags: 4 Simple Steps to Take

Woven PP Bags & Non-Woven PP Bags are reusable bags that are more friendly than other types of plastic shopping bags 

Ever noticed the subtle differences in plastic bags? You might have come across bags with a checkerboard-like weaving pattern and others with a steady textured appearance. Well, those bags belong to the fascinating world of woven and non-woven polypropylene (PP). Join us on a journey through these two plastic bag wonders, their origins, strengths, and the diverse roles they play in our lives.

1. Woven PP Bags:

Picture a bag that exudes strength and sturdiness yet maintains a touch of sophistication with its woven threads. Woven PP bags are born from the seamless fusion of long polypropylene strands, forming a robust fabric resembling a well-crafted tapestry. These bags are no strangers to the industrial landscape, finding their calling in sandbags and packaging bulk goods like coffee and rice. Marvel at their unique traits:

  • Impeccably clean, robust, and easy to sew, making them a natural choice for various bag applications.
  • Lamination comes to their rescue, ensuring the slippery strands stick together and stay in harmony.
  • With the passage of time, a gentle puckering may arise, reflecting the dance between the drying rates of PP and lamination.
woven pp bags
woven pp bags

2. Non-Woven PP Bags:

Now, shift your focus to bags with a captivating textured appearance, akin to canvas, yet with a breathability that sets them apart. Non-woven PP bags boast a distinct personality, formed by spinning polypropylene polymers using heat and air, akin to creating wispy cotton candy. With a graceful dance between hot rollers, these threads meld into a flexible yet robust fabric, offering a canvas-like texture. Let’s dive into their intriguing features:

  • Breathable and inviting, they hold a charming aura that draws us in with a delightful look and feel.
  • As time marches on, their colors and textures withstand the test, remaining steadfast for years on end.
  • Ah, the magic of screen printing – multiple colors dance effortlessly upon their surface, creating captivating graphics.
non-woven pp bags

3. Setting Them Apart:

  • Aesthetic Symphony: Woven PP bags showcase a checkerboard allure, while non-woven PP bags sport a steady textured, canvas-like appearance.
  • Strength and Endurance: Embracing sheer strength, woven PP bags march boldly in industrial realms, withstanding hefty loads with poise. On the other hand, non-woven PP bags, although robust, find solace in the retail and promotional world.
  • Painting the Canvas: Woven PP bags welcome graphics through lamination, while non-woven companions open their arms to vibrant screen printing, playing host to a kaleidoscope of colors.
  • Breathing with Elegance: Non-woven PP bags possess a rare trait – breathability, making them the ideal companions for carrying fresh produce and delicate items.
  • The Color Palette: While woven PP bags typically flaunt a pristine white hue, their non-woven counterparts shine bright in a plethora of solid colors, embracing variety with open arms.

4. Unveiling Their Roles:

  • Woven PP Bags: Born to tackle the weighty challenges of the industrial world, they find purpose in sandbags and bulk goods packaging, gracefully navigating the demands of transportation and storage.
  • Non-Woven PP Bags: Stepping onto the stage of retail elegance, they shine as branded shopping bags and promotional masterpieces, adorning the world of marketing with their colorful graphics and alluring textures.

And there you have it – the fascinating story of woven and non-woven PP bags. As we part ways, remember that each plastic marvel serves a unique purpose, weaving its way into the tapestry of our daily lives. Whether it’s the strength and reliability of woven PP or the customizable elegance of non-woven PP, these bags stand as testaments to the incredible versatility of polypropylene. Both woven PP and non-woven PP bags are reusable bags and can be widely used in supermarkets, companies, houses, retail stores, and so on for packaging almost everything you want.

So which one will you prefer? Let’s find out more information and supports by contacting us at Vinbags. We’re here to help you!



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