3 Easiest Ways to Differentiate PE Cling Film from PVC Cling Film

Which should you choose for wrapping your food? PE cling film or PVC cling film? Let’s figure out the reason here!

Cling film has many different names

Also known as food plastic wrap, food wrap, and saran wrap, cling film is a thin plastic film that is often used to seal and secure food products in containers, freezers, or refrigerators to keep them fresh and safe for a while.

That’s why it is essential for cling film to be made from materials that ensure the safety of food packaging and storage, especially when it comes to storing items in freezers.

There are two main types of cling film that are commonly used: PE cling film and PVC cling film. In this article, we will explore three methods to differentiate them and which type is better for you to store your foods.

3 ways to differentiate PE cling film from PVC cling film

  1. Color

When purchasing cling film, you might check the information written on the label and find out which material it is made from. Is it PE or PVC? That’s the easiest way to know.

You might wonder, what about cling film that is already in use? Simply observe its color. They are different. PE cling film is white in color overall, and it has average transparency. The PVC material has a yellow overall tint, and it has a higher relative head density. The meal can be seen clearly once it has been wrapped.

  1. Use your hands

Take a piece of cling film and knead it with your hands. If the cling film exhibits poor viscosity and is easy to unfold after kneading, it is likely made of PE. On the other hand, if the cling film becomes stickier, forms a ball, and is difficult to unfold after kneading, it is likely PVC cling film.

  1. Burn them

Ignite a small piece of plastic wrap. If the ignited cling film continues to burn even after removing it from the fire source, it can be identified as PE cling film. Conversely, if the cling film cannot sustain combustion once the fire source is removed, emitting a pungent odor during burning, it can be concluded that it is PVC cling film.


To choose cling film for household use, it’s crucial to keep in mind that PVC plastic wrap should not be utilized for cooked foods, meats, or other oily foods, and it should not be heated in a microwave oven. The presence of plasticizer in PVC can result in precipitation, which can have negative effects on hormone secretion, potentially leading to conditions like precocious puberty in women or infertility in men.

To prioritize safety and mitigate potential health risks, it is highly recommended to select plastic wrap made from PE material for household purposes. PE cling film is known to be relatively safer compared to PVC cling film.

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