Our main goal is to become a leading plastic bag manufacturer in Vietnam as well as world-class plastic bag supplier and exporter of sustainable plastic bags.

VINBAGS, a famous Eco-friendly plastic bag manufacturer in Vietnam, was established in 1995 with its factory located in Hung Yen province and its office in Hanoi capital.

Being considered as reliable Nature-Friendly plastic bag supplier in Vietnam, we specialize in producing plastic bags in varying sizes and styles, as well as other sustainable packaging solutions. Our most popular products are biodegradable and compostable plastic bags, waste container bags, printed colors bags, die cut shopping bags and food packaging bags, or bags on roll, etc.

VINBAGS products are supplied not only in local market but also in overseas market. From easy markets like China, Thailand, India, Middle East, Africa… to the fastidious markets with strict standards for imported goods such as Japan, EU, UK, USA, etc. We have exported to more than 150 countries. 

It is more convenient for you to build a trade relationship with one of the most famous plastic bag manufacturer in Vietnam like us. We collaborate with customers across a wide range of market segments to meet their demand for high-quality and cost-effective products, such as: Retail, Food service, Industry, Agriculture, Medical & Health, Transportation and delivery services, Household etc.        

Why our company is your best choice ?

In September 2016, we opened our modern plastic bag factory in Vietnam, with compliance to ISO 9001:2015 and JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard), FDA US and BRC Europe Standard. Our plastic bag factory operates an area of 15,000 m2, with over 150 employees. With the target “continuously innovating and improving products quality”, VINBAGS always attempts to apply advanced methods and modern technologies into manufacturing process. As a result, our plastic bag factory in Vietnam has current capacity is 2000 tons per month, but we plan for a fully operational production capacity of 3000 tons per month by 2021.

From the inception, we have the ambition to achieve a leading position of plastic bag manufacturer in Vietnam, whose ability is meeting and satisfying demands of both domestic and international customers. In foreign markets, VINBAGS production capacity as well as our quality of products and services are considered as highly competitive.

High-quality raw materials, modern production equipment & advanced printing, experienced and responsible workers enable us to produce perfect products and help us earn the respect and eventually love of  customers all over the world.