What are benefits of using poop bags?

What is purpose of using poop bags?

You use poop bags for picking up and removing the feces of a dog or other pet when they are outside. Its common courtesy, because no one loves stepping in dog poop. 



Main features of poop bags, that supplied by Vinbags

  • Material: Plastic or 100% Biodegradable material
  • Size: 22*30cm or Customized size
  • Color: Green/Blue/Pink/Orange/Black, etc
  • Packing: 15 pcs/roll, 15-20roll/dispenser box
  • Scent: customer request
  • Each bag measures 22*30cm, providing plenty of room for reversing the bag over your hand, picking up waste, and dropping the bag into place. The bag offers a leak-proof design for safe, sanitary handling, with enough space up top for tying a secure knot.

What are the benefits of carrying poop bags when you are outside with your pet?

Poop bags can help to keep the environment clean

Surely, it is impossible to prevent your dog from pooping when he/she are walking outside. So, carrying poop bags with you to collect its feces is the simplest way.

Poop bag is effective tool for hygienic handling

We all know that dog’s poop can contain a variety of pathogens and parasites. So, picking up poop minimizes the likelihood that the eggs from parasites, disease germs and just plain old e-coli will take up long-term residence in that spot.

Poop bags can help to prevent water contamination

Rainwater can carry dog feces into nearby streams and rivers where it behaves as any other raw sewage might. So, poop bags can “give a hand” in water protection.

Poop bags can help to prevent diseases transmission

Your dog’s waste also contains harmful bacteria that can cause serious sickness in people. Immediate and proper disposal using poop bags helps to prevent the transmission of disease.


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