Need to find a reliable plastic bag supplier in Viet Nam ?

As a leading plastic bag supplier in Viet Nam, we offer a wide range of custom carrier bags

Vinbags has been in business for over twenty years, catering to the packaging industry. We manufacture Plastic Bags, Reclosable Bags, Gusseted Bags, Trash Can Liners, Food  Bags, Garment Bags, Biodegradable and Compostable Bags etc. In short, our products have a wide range and cater to a wide spectrum of packaging needs.

The reliable plastic bag supplier in Viet Nam has the ability to cater to all customers in different industries

We use state of the art equipment to manufacture our products, with extra emphasis given to quality. Our strict adherence to quality has won us the favorable reviews of a number of customers, and repeat business are common.

Packaging, storing, and securing items is a big challenge for our clients across various industries. Being a trusted and one of the most preferred plastic bag manufacturers, we understand the storage and packaging requirements of these clients. The following are the most popular types of plastic bags available with us.
  • Agricultural packaging: Our agricultural plastic film/sheets and bags have been carefully formulated to produce a durable and impervious surface suitable for all forms of agricultural needs and application. Agricultural plastic film are available in different specifications to cater to the customer’s requirements.
  • Eco packaging: In a time of increasing environmental awareness, Vinbags is an advanced supplier of affordable recycled packaging for businesses of all sizes. Vinbags provides custom products and services, and continues promoting sustainability while fulfilling the individual packaging needs of eco-friendly retailers nationwide.
  • Food packaging: We offer one of the most extensive and comprehensive lines of food safety, food protection, protective wear, and food service products in the industry. Our food storage bags are made from 100% virgin and durable material. The durable material can be used to take food directly from the freezer to microwave, coolers, steamers, warmers and dry storage without the need of other transfer options.
  • Household packaging: An extensive range of colour kitchen tidy bags, tidy bags, garbage bags, bin liners – ideal for the home & office environment.
  • Industrial packaging: Vinbags provide reliabitlity and effeciency to manufacturers and distributors of consumer packaged goods and other products who are in need of optimal flexible packaging and servicecs. We offer all of the shapes and size you need.
  • Medical packaging: Medical Packaging serves serveral important functions, but its primary roll is to protect a medical or pharmarceutial product. Vinbags provide the different product that protect the healthy community.
  • Retail packaging: Vinbags offers retail bags for all your retail packaging needs. Retail bags can used to pack and transport anything your store sells, including food, clothing, grocerices and much more.
  • Shipping packaging: As the leading supplier of printed mailing bags, we offer a range of postal packaging solutions in a number of styles designed to match your requirements with the lowest possible price. Our secure printed mailing bags are perfect for sending confidential items with confidence. Made from opaque black co-extruded film they are very strong bags and are 100% opaque ensuring the contents remain confidential.

You can trust the quality of products, that offered by renowned plastic bag supplier in Viet Nam

We are big and famous plastic bags supplier in Viet Nam, who are known for our fast turnaround times and the best wholesale prices. Custom plastic bags will not only provide you the best option for storage and packaging but also assure the best view of your brand information, at much lower prices.
The following features of our plastic bags make them popular with our clients:
  • Plastic bags for food applications meet USDA and FDA specifications
  • They can be customized with any specifications.
  • They assure great reliability in all working conditions – regular and harsh.
  • You can order Custom Plastic Bags wholesale now at very attractive prices
At Vinbags, we prioritize client satisfaction over anything else. This is only possible when we provide quality plastic bags for use. So, all our plastic bags are made of quality material that not only allows them to serve the purpose of storage, packaging or securing but also helps businesses to amplify their brand perception in minds of their customers.

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