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Soft Loop Bags – Features & Applications

What are soft loop bags? Soft loop bags (or called Flexi loop handle bags) is one of the most popular packaging products for carrying gifts, jewelry, cosmetics, shoes, men- women and children’s apparel in the world. In conclusion, Soft loop bags are found in many retail stores and are used for a wide range of different […]

Die Cut Bags Features & Advantages

1. What are Die Cut Bags ? Die cut bags handles look like an oval, kidney or circle therefore they are also called kidney bags, punch out handle bags. It differs from the patch handle bags in lacking of reinforce part around the cutting handles. Die-cut bags are an economical option for trade shows and […]

Garbage bags on roll – Distinguish 4 types

What is garbage bags on roll? Garbage bags on roll is also called by other names, such as bin bags on roll, rubbish bags on roll, bin liners on roll, trash bags on roll. They are disposable bags used to contain solid waste. Such bags are useful to line the insides of waste containers to […]

Wicketed Bread Bags for efficient bakery packaging

What is Wicketed Bread Bag? Wicketed bread bags (a popular type of plastic bags used for food packaging) are great for Bakeries producing large volumes or bread loaves and other baked goods. Wicketed bread bags stay in place until taken off the wicket. … All wicketed bread bags are easy to use and made from […]

Mailing bags – Benefits Of Custom Poly Mailers

What is Plastic mailing bag or Poly mailer ? Plastic mailing bags is used porpularly now. “Plastic mailing bag/ Poly mailers” refer to polyethylene mailing envelopes commonly used by eCommerce businesses to ship apparel, plastics, shoes and other non-perishables. They are lightweight, moisture-resistant, and come in a wide variety of sizes. They can be used […]

Draw Tape Bags & 3 Amazing Applications

Draw tape bags have a lot of applications in daily life. Our Draw Tape Garbage Bags can be used for promotional purposes; they are easily to carry around. They are ideal for packing and available at a reasonable price. They can be easily pulled and torn off as they are produced on rolls and perforated. […]

Distinguish The Sustainability of Different Bin Liners

Traditional plastic bin liners: The traditional plastic bin liner is commonly used. This kind of bin liners is both durable and cost effective. But they are alleged to be an environment disaster. Because plastic bin liners are made from petroleum or natural gas, both are non-renewable resources, and they can take from fifteen to a […]

Disposable PE Gloves

What is material to make Disposable PE Gloves? Know Your Glove Materials: Poly Polyethylene is the most affordable glove material and is used in the food service industry. Food service workers need a glove with enough durability for short-duration tasks, and poly gloves are the right choice. What is polyethylene, that is widely used to […]

Degradable Bags – Degradable Plastic Shopping Bags

Features of Degradable Bags 1. Degradable Shopping Bags Are Suitable for Shopping/Promotion/Boutique/Grocery/Promotion/Restaurant Takeaway, etc. 2. It can be 100% degraded into water and dioxide under natural environmental conditions, returning to nature.100% biodegradable plastic, safe and non-polluting. 3. Good load bearing, strong toughness, high pressure and not easy to break. 4. Advanced processing technology, good sealing […]

Compostable Bags & 9 Amazing Features

Compostable bags – What we offer? When it comes to eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags and ‘biodegradable’ plastic carriers (which we’ve recently learned don’t appear to decompose, even after being left in the ground or in marine environments for more than three years), there’s nothing more Earth-conscious than our compostable bags for produce. Strong yet […]